Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Staying in Style through Winter

Staying in Style through Winter 

Brrr!!!! It's cold here, so here are a few tips for staying fashionable and warm!!!!!

  • Find a cute coat and rock it! It will look good and feel good. Find your color and match your outfit to the coat. Try colors like olive, deep red, white, grey and orange.  

For everyday looks, try these outfit combinations:
  • Printed leggings (like aztec print) paired with a T-shirt (with a catchy phrase on it). 

Colored jeans with a white shirt and matching accessories. Try colors like turquoise, red, navy, army green, etc;
  • Maxi skirts in pattern or solid color. Pair them with with solid colors (for patterned skirts), or with patterned skirts (for solid color skirts)

For accessories, try these: 
  • Wear light fleeces in a nice color, woven sweaters, cardigans, etc;
  • Find a cool way to wear a scarf and get your favorite pattern.         

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